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We are amateur astronomy clubs in the mid-states region of the U.S. all of which belong to the Astronomical League, one of the largest amateur astronomical organizations in the world. The MSRAL consists of clubs in the following states:

Nebraska - Kansas - Missouri - Arkansas - Northern Oklahoma

The MSRAL has the same mission as the Astronomical League: to promote the science of astronomy. We do that with general meetings and star parties witin each club and an yearly convention where we keep in touch with each others activities.

The best way to become involved and join the fun is by becoming a member of a local club or society near you. You can contact any of the officers above or a club in the Member Clubs and Astronomical League Correspondents page.

MSRAL Officers

MSRAL Representive

Peggy Walker
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2021 MSRAL Convention Chair

Peggy Walker
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Jackie Beucher
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