by Gary Pittman

The Mid-States Region has an E-Group where you can post and read text messages. It’s a good place to stay in touch with your friends, get first hand information on what is happening in the region and receive answers to any questions you might have. There is a calendar where you can post meeting dates for your club (someone might wish to visit as they travel), an image area where you can post photos or your club logo and a links area where you can find links to other clubs, the league and post your own clubs web address. There is a file area where some of our clubs post their newsletter. You might wish to include yours so region members will know what is happening in their sister clubs. I encourage you and your club members to join the Mid-States E-Group. I created the group to make it easy for our members to be involved in region activities. We have one of the best and most active regions in the League. Please advertise the E-Group to your members and encourage them to join. It’ s easy and costs nothing.

Just open your web browser and go to and ask to join the group. If you have trouble logging onto the MSRAL page you can go to and type “MSRAL” into the search box. Click the “Search” button and you’ll get a screen that shows only one hit. Click on “MSRAL” and you’ll go to the MSRAL home page. Ask to join the group. You’ll be asked to answer a couple of questions and presto you’re a member.

I encourage you to give your real name when responding to the questions. This way other members of the group will know who you are. You can now log onto the page whenever you want. Along the left side of the screen you’ll find sections for messages, files, photos, links, etc. In the FILES section you will find the Mid-States Constitution and minutes of meetings. If you like you can click “Edit My Membership” and have all e-mail messages from the group forwarded to your personal e-mail address. I hope many of your members will join this group to stay in constant communication with other members of the Mid-States Region.